Publishers can play a role in attracting the best research to their journals.

Editors of most journals face similar issues: they receive a lot of papers that are not suitable for their journals and they do not receive sufficient number of quality papers in the subject area their journal specializes in. The former problem is faced by established journals, while the latter problem is faced by upcoming journals. The main reason behind both problems is the same: authors do not have enough information to make an objective judgment on whether a journal is suitable for their manuscript or not.

FindMyJournal™ helps authors select the most appropriate journal for their manuscript. It allows the publishers to contribute to the development of the tool to attract quality research to their journals. By providing appropriate information about their journals to the FindMyJournal™ database, publishers can ensure that authors are directed to the most appropriate journals.

How to contribute

  • You can check whether all your journals are included in our database.
  • You can update data for your journals, so researchers can make their decision based on the most recent data.
  • In case you are publishing a new journal, just provide few details and it will be immediately visible to interested researchers globally. For further details, contact us now!

Benefits to publishers

  • Increase visibility to researchers
  • Attract relevant papers
  • Reduce burden on journal editors
  • Reduce lag in publication of important papers
  • Easy-to-update data