Target Users

The FindMyJournal™ software is useful to find journals for a variety of researchers.

Novice Researchers

If you have not published before or published only sparingly, this software will reduce your stress in selecting a journal, presenting a list of 5 best-suited journals with their distinguishing characteristics. You don’t have to search on the internet for more information about the journals: the software provides links to all the important pages of the journals.

Interdisciplinary Researchers

Even if you are a researcher with vast experience of publishing, you may face problems when you try to publish in a subject area in which you have not published before. Interdisciplinary researchers often face this problem when their current research is not in their primary area. Our software will help you shortlist the journals in various interdisciplinary areas.


Empower the research community in your university/institution by giving them access to our software. FindMyJournal™ will help researchers publish more often and in better suited journals, which will in turn help you enhance your institution’s reputation. The software will help you increase the scientific output of your research community.